I'm Sami, a developer.

Sami was a key player / lead developer in our transformation program — a coding architect who was incredibly productive and highly appreciated by the team. Sami is a solution centric person who drives the change and was the driver was building a world-class ecommerce platform for Telia. I would recommend him for any challenging position within digital transformations!
Jani HeinolaInformation Technology Business Partner Telia
Sami Hult is very experienced, innovative and hard working developer. One of the best in my opinion. He can always find a way to solve even the most complicated business requirements and architectural challenges. He is also a warm person who cares about the well-being of coworkers and helps others to learn more, and achieve their goals.
Piritta PesolaSenior Development Manager Telia
Straight A software developer who is easy to work with!
Rene IsomäkiProduct Owner Telia

Houston Inc. for Caverion 2022–

Building lifecycle analytics portal

Working in close collaboration with the designers and other developers to simplify, modularize and convert to TypeScript the React frontend in order to make UI work easier, faster and more consistent.

Houston Inc. for Telia 2019–2022

eCommerce platform

Working in an agile team to help growing a flexible and performant B2B shopping platform integrating to Salesforce and numerous external services from different eras. Designed and implemented a real-time, reactive cart, checkout and delivery process. The shop boasts very high CSAT and service availability.

Integral for OP Financial Group 2017

Well-being questionnaire

Full-stack development and operations of a web well-being and health self-assessment questionnaire as part of an agile team. Converting hard-coded ruleset into a dynamic, scripted rules to make them configurable by the end-user.

Heinola Softwares for Petax Oy 2018–2019

Mobile taxi dispatch system

Design and implementation of direct customer-to-pool taxi call and dispatch system for mobile devices, as well as the complementing back-office software.

OSS 2021–

XJog alpha

A persisting XState statechart runner. It is made specifically for running long-living charts. Already battle-tested and reliable, it's suitable for driving business processes such as e-commerce checkouts or controlling parcel delivery.

OSS 2022–


Practical, containerized solution for creating beautiful PDFs for customers. Converts data, using installed Handlebars templates, to PDF using headless Chrome and Puppeteer. Complete with a playground for template development.

OSS 2021–

StateChart draw.io library

Diagrams.net (draw.io) library for drawing Harel statecharts.

Want to throw a problem at me?

I have a solid and rich software engineering experience, and I am always ready for a challenge. Right now I'm in particular interested in in-house or consulting work with:

  • Frontends
  • Real-time frontends
  • User experience
  • NodeJS backends
  • Statecharts